Saturday, May 22, 2010

Organic Harvest Box for May 21, 2010

Let's have a look inside our tasty Organic Harvest Box this week:

I found this recipe for a Fruity Spinach Salad in my inbox this week and am really excited to try it. It looks easy and delicious, and is something I can eat on the South Beach diet. I'm truly addicted to my lunch time salads now, and my goal is to branch out over the summer months to try new combinations of vegetables and fruits together. I don't want to get bored, so the key is mixing it up and keeping it a little exciting!

I recommend this Spicy Curried Spinach Open Omelet if you're in the mood for something new for breakfast or brunch. This omelet has some zing and is full of healthy goodness. Serve it this holiday long weekend and impress your friends and family!

If you have an ice cream machine at home (I, unfortunately, do not) then I most definitely suggest you try whipping a batch of Strawberry Ice Cream for some Victoria Day weekend fun. You'll need to freeze your strawberries first, or else use frozen strawberries from your freezer. Another fun and easy berry dessert is this Charred Eggy Bread with Strawberries and Honey - something fun to grill up on the barbecue and enjoy with your strawberries. I also like the look of this Strawberry Orange Salad - another I'm adding to my "must try" list for the next week or two. And if you're not trying to lose weight this week, why not get that baker's apron dirty and throw together this Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (with lattice crust) or this one (with one crust). Be sure to report back and let us know how it turns out - strawberry rhubarb pie was something I enjoyed as as a child, and it really takes a special cook to be able to make it just right!

Do you like to use your red or green peppers for stuffed pepper recipes? Stuffed peppers are delicious and often healthy, and are a simple way to really impress your dinner guests (or your kids . . . or your mother, you know what I mean). If you're new to this type of cooking, try out this recipe for Stuffed Peppers or these Stuffed Bell Peppers. I came across this recipe for Green Pepper Relish and think it looks worth every bit of effort it likely takes. But if you like to keep it simple, nothing beats a summer Red and Green Pepper Salad - easy, healthy, and too tasty for words.

Ready to try something a little out of the ordinary with this week's tomatoes? Why not ditch your regular jarred salsa from the store and make this Grilled Tomato Salsa - it's simple and adds a kick to any salsa-deserving meal or appetizer. I guarantee you'll never go back to store bought after making your own. Also new this week is this Tomato and Fennel Salad with Barbecued Fish and Fried Eggs with Tomato, Watercress, and Breadcrumbs. And for those looking to enjoy a tomato's flavour all on its own, add this Tomato and Basil Salad to your long weekend fare.

I absolutely love this Broccoli Salad from Jamie Oliver - it gets raved about every time I serve it. I love adding broccoli to salads in the warmer months. But since my family seems to adore broccoli served with pasta, I hope to try this Quick Vegetable Pasta and maybe even this Penne with Broccoli to share with them.

Enjoy your long weekend and be sure to gobble up your harvest box treasures!

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