Sunday, May 2, 2010

Harvest Box for May 1, 2010

What a beautiful looking Organic Harvest Box this week - full of delicious produce, and more local goodies for you!

Are you wondering what to do with this week's local red radishes? Radishes have a very distinct and sharp taste, and lend themselves well to wide variety of different salads.

I love the look of this Pulao with Red Radish and Fresh Corn, and I'll definitely be eating this Chopped Salad with Tuna (South Beach) for lunch this week. Here is a good way to combine your tomato, cucumber and radishes all in one delicious and dairy-free salad - a fantasticTomato, Cucumber and Radish Salad with Soy Yogurt and Tahini Dressing. And this Greek Radish Salad couldn't be simpler to make, so why not give it a try?

You'll notice a bunch of this week's recipe are South Beach Diet recipes. That's because I am starting the South Beach diet this week, and am looking for easy and simple ways to include my Harvest Box produce into my new low-glycemic diet. All of the South Beach diet recipes are totally healthy and are perfect for anyone at all . . .

I'm hoping to toss my shiitake mushrooms into this Beef with Asparagus and Mushrooms (South Beach) for dinner one night, and may even get to try this Breakfast Casserole with Mushrooms, Bell Peppers and Feta. I love that you can make it in advance and have breakfast for several days. And what could be more delightful this time of year than basic Grilled Mushrooms? Fire up your grill and toss them on!

I adore arugula but will admit that I wasn't a regular consumer of it before I signed up with Life Organic a couple years ago. Now I love to toss them into salads, or whip up this Chicken with Goat Cheese and Arugula - an absolute must-try and family favourite of ours. Arugula salads are perfect this time of year and are easy for those not all that familiar with arugula - and you can take your pick from an Arugula Chickpea Salad with Feta, an Arugula and Gorgonzola Salad, or this Arugula and Sweet Mini Pepper Salad. All tasty and delicious!

Looking for some new and interesting ways to serve your Asian Greens?? Try these Steamed Asian Greens with Honey Soy Sesame Dressing, or Grilled Tofu And Sauteed Asian Greens. This Steamed Ginger Chicken with Asian Greens is an easy and light dinner menu item, and incredibly healthy. For a plethora of other uses for Asian Greens, check out this list of Asian Greens recipes from Canadian Living.

Did you know that CRESS is a fast-growing, edible herb that is related to watercress and mustard? It has a peppery, tangy flavor and aroma.

This tangy herb is easier to incorporate into recipes than you may think. It is wonderful on a variety of sandwiches, including this Egg, Mayo, and Cress Sandwich. Rachael Ray suggests these yummy Pub Patties with Horseradish Sauce and Cress. They look amazing! Cress is also perfect for soups, including this Asparagus Cress Soup, and salads, like this Fig Salad with Goat's Milk Yogurt and Pepper Cress.

Have a tasty and wonderful week!

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