Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Organic Gardening Workshop - Ottawa

Life Organic customers and readers may be interested in the following organic gardening workshop coming up in February. It's offered by a Life Organic farmer! To RSVP please see contact info below.


Robert Rivard, certified organic farmer

When : February 9, 16, & 23

From : 6-9 pm

Cost : $75

Where : Lord Lansdowne Retirement Residence,

located at 920 Bank St (on the corner of Holmwood Ave and Bank)

Objective :

After following this workshop, you will have acquired the most useful knowledge, sources, and inspiration to produce your own, all year-round bounty of fresh organic food whether you live in a small apartment, own a small backyard, or a larger estate.

1. Introduction : Urban Organic Food Self-Sustainability

v Annual and Perennial

v The Ideal Soil

2. Planning : Know Yourself and your Environment

v Time

v Space Inside and Outside

v Weather and Financials

3. Calendar : Timing for Productivity

v Biodynamics

v Early Start and Successive Plantings

v Rotations

4. Seeds : Sprouting Hope

v Seed Ordering

v Sproutings, Seedlings and Cuttings

v Transplanting

5. Soil : Dirt Giving Life

v The Working Soil

v Urban Composting

v Fertilizing and BioDynamic Sprays

6. Neighbours (1): Weeds? What Weeds?

v Usefulness of Weeds

v Weed Management

v Companion Planting and Mulching

7. Neighbours (2) : 1000 to 2 Legged

v Insects, Mammals and Humans

v Traps and Barriers

v Homemade and Commercial Organic Treatments

8. Neighbours (3) : Microscopic

v Fungal, Bacterial and Viral Diseases

v Prevention

v Homemade and Commercial Organic Treatments

9. Plant Specifics : Carrots are Not Tomatoes

v Plant Families

v Stakes and Trellises

v Container Gardening

10. Harvest : Enjoying the Bounty

v The Weekly Harvest

v Storage Conditions

v Healthy Raw Preserves

11. Tools : Bare Hands and Technology

v Tools for Soil Preparation

v Gardening Tools

v Motorized Tools

12. Conclusion : Food for Thought

Limited number of seats available, if interested please RSVP to; or call 613-601-4676

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