Friday, February 18, 2011

Thursday, February 17th box: Greens and reds

by Brie

The best part of this week's food box didn't need to be cooked. The big container of fresh organic strawberries were inhaled by my two kids as soon as they woke up. Strawberries make a good breakfast I say!

The other bright red container in this week's box was a pint of grape tomatoes. I like to eat grape tomatoes raw, or sauteed with garlic and basil. They would also be great in a baked tomato sauce or in these cute tomato and mozzarella appetisers And tomatoes are also perfect in soup.

There were lots of green vegetables this week. A bunch of snap peas had me thinking about all the fun things I could make, like snap pea and brussel sprout sautee or mushroom, tofu and snap pea stir fry. But what I really want to try is this garlic and snap pea soup. I am also going to be throwing baby bok choi in this garlicky soup (perfect for the flu making its way through our house). You could also try soy glazed baby bok choi or garlic bok choi. Yum.

My first thought when I get spinach in my box is to make a salad, but I am always pleased when I try something different, like this chana masala recipe. Spinach is also great in any kind of pie or casserole. Like this spinach phyllo pizza or eggplant and spinach lasagna.
The hardest vegetable for me is celery. While it can be useful to throw into other dishes, I wasn't sure how to use it as a main ingredient. Now I know. If you are looking for some good celery dishes try pear and celery soup, watermelon and celery salad or spinach and celery salad. I'm going to try making this sweet and sour celery.

We love to eat roasted vegetables and one of my favorites are parsnips. For something a little different I am going to try these parsnip fries. They would also be yummy glazed with honey and roasted with carrots. Parsnips would also be great in parsnip fritters or a parsnip pie.

This is what's on my menu plan this week. What are you cooking?

Brie loves eating food and is learning to love cooking food. She also blogs about motherhood at Capital Mom and about Ottawa with kids at Kids in the Capital.


  1. Mmm, like the look of those Bok Choi recipes. And the sauteed tomatoes! My veggie sides tend to all look the same: BBQ stirfry in summer and regular stirfry in winter ;). Looking forward to trying some of these!

  2. PS just tried the sauteed tomatoes. Yum! And the easiest side dish ever!